1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman on April 10, 2001

Township: Colvill


Address    Lastname    Firstname     Status  S/R      Age    M    Country        Year immig    Occupation     Employed               
CO1 Kinney  James  head  MW 44 M Michigan  farmer general
Kinney  Hennrietta  wife FW 45  M Minnesota
Kinney  Rebecca  daughter      FW 6 Minnesota
Kinney  George son  MW 5 S Minnesota
Kinney  James  son  MW 14  S Minnesota
   Kinney  Rebecca R  mother  FW 65 W Norway
CO2 Morris  Lawrence head  MW 39  M Iowa    farmer general
Morris  Cloe  wife  FW 35 M Kansas
Morris  Harold  son  MW 15 S Iowa   
Morris  Elizene  daughter FW 12  S Iowa   
Morris  Emerson son MW 10  S Iowa   
Morris  Orvil  son MW  8 S Iowa   
Morris  Emil son       Iowa   
CO3 Cornwall  Albert  head  MW  61 M New York    farmer general
Cornwall  Hattie wife  FW 62  M New York   
Gerkin  Charles  boarder  MW 18  S Indiana    laborer
Gerkin  Ernest  boarder  MW 11  S Indiana
CO4 Drake George head  MW 46  M Pennsylvania  laborer lumberyard
CO5 Johnson  Iver  head  MW 46  M Minnesota  farmer general
Johnson Clara wife  FW  47 M Minnesota 
Johnson Harold  son  MW 13 S Minnesota 
Johnson Carol son  MW 10 S Minnesota 
Banke  Serena  Gr-cousin  FW 77 S Norway  1891
CO6 Erickson  Ole head  MW  73 W Sweden  1878 farmer general
CO7 Clark  Winfield  head  MW 55 Maine  laborer farm
CO8   Scott Jack head  MW  30 M Minnesota fisherman freshwater
Scott  Laura  wife  FW 35 M Minnesota
Scott  Gertrude daughter FW  0 S Minnesota
Brisson  Lillian  boarder  FW 14  S Minnesota
CO9  Amyotte  Fred  head  MW 44  M Canada  1900 fisherman freshwater
Amyotte  Margaret wife  FW  36 M Minnesota
Amyotte  Katherine daughter  FW  16? S Minnesota
Amyotte  Evelyn  daughter  FW  14 S Minnesota
  Amyotte  Alfred  son  MW  12 S Minnesota
Amyotte  Benjamin  son  MW  10 S Minnesota
Amyotte  Andrew  son  MW 6 Minnesota
Amyotte  Leona  daughter  FW 4 Minnesota
  Amyotte  Margaret  daughter  FW  2 S Minnesota
    Kelly  John  boarder  MW 78 W Canada  1849 laborer
CO10 Opsahl  Bert  head  MW  45 M Norway  1910  farmer general
Opsahl  Kristine  wife  FW  44 M Norway  1910 
Opsahl  Hugo son MW  7 S Minnesota
CO11 Carlson William  head  MW 45 M Finland-S 1902 farmer general
Carlson Mathilda  wife  FW 38  M Finland-S 1902
  Carlson Sylvia  daughter  FW 13  S Minnesota
CO12    Issacson  Issac  head  MW 50 M Finland-S farmer general
Issacson  Alma  wife  FW  39 M Finland-S
Issacson  Alma M  daughter  FW  16 S Minnesota
Issacson  Esther  daughter  FW  15 S Minnesota
Issacson  Hilmer  son  MW 13 S Minnesota
Issacson  John  nephew   MW 23  S Finland-S 1914
CO13 Trine Ross head  MW  30 M Iowa    labor farm
Trine Stella wife FW 21  M Wisconsin
CO14  Johnson  Charles  head  MW  58 W Sweden  1903 farmer general
CO15  Erickson  Charles  head  MW 58 S Sweden  1881 farm labor farm
CO16 Hendrickson     Frank  head  MW 41  S Sweden  1900 farmer general
CO17   Johnson  Matt H  head  MW  42 M Finland  1902 farm labor farm
CO18  Halverson Chris  head  MW 39 W Norway  1902 farm general
Halverson Ingar  aunt FW  62 S Norway  1902
CO19  Overby  Ole head  MW 48 M Norway  1893 farm general
Overby  Olea   wife  FW 44  M Norway  1893
Swanson  Fred  boarder  MW 55  S Sweden  1893 labor
CO20 Sound  Carl head  MW 26 S Finland-S 1913 fisherman L Superior
CO21 Lind David head  MW 28  S Sweden  1913  fisherman L Superior
CO22   Tormondson Engel head  MW 29 M Norway  1902 fisherman L Superior
Tormondson Jennie wife  FW 29  M Minnesota
Tormondson Clarence  son MW  8 S Washington
Tormondson Gladys  daughter  FW  6 S Washington
Tormondson Wilbert  son MW 4 S Minnesota
Tormondson Viola  daughter  FW  0 S Minnesota
CO23  Moen  John head  MW 52  S Sweden  1879 teacher rural school
CO24   Hagen  Isaac  head  MW  50 S Finland-S 1899 farmer general
CO25 Johnson John  head  MW 46 M Finland-S 1892 farmer general
Johnson  Julia  wife  FW  35 M Finland-F  1901
  Johnson  John son MW 20 S Michigan farm labor farm
Johnson  Jennie  daughter  FW S Minnesota
CO26 Eide  Christian  head  MW 42 M Norway  1906  farmer general
Eide  Sofia wife FW 40 M Norway  1906 
Eide  Mognhild  daughter  FW 16  S Norway  1906 
Eide  Erling  son MW 14 Norway  1906  farm labor farm
Eide  Amalie  daughter  FW  12 S Wisconsin
  Eide  Rictor  son MW 10? S Minnesota
Eide  Mable  daughter  FW 5 Minnesota
Eide  Myrtle  daughter  FW 4 Minnesota
CO27 Anderson John head  MW 35 M Norway  1907 farm labor
Anderson Olia wife FW 30 Norway  1910
Anderson Alma  daughter  FW S Minnesota
Anderson Olga  daughter  FW S Minnesota
CO28  Bjerken  Anna K head  FW 41? S Norway  1904
Bjerken  Olaf  son MW 19 S Norway  1904 fireman tug
Bjerken  Karen  daughter  FW 17  S Norway  1904
Bjerken  Harold son MW S Minnesota
CO29 Nessman  John head  MW 54  M Finland-S 1892 farmer general
Nessman  Elizabeth daughter  FW 28 S Finland-S 1892
CO30  Lief  John head  MW  49 M Finland-S 1888 farmer general
Lief  Ulrika  wife FW 46 M Finland-F 1901
    Lief  John son MW 17 S Minnesota teamster haul logs
Lief  Hilda daughter  FW  16 S Minnesota
Lief  Ellen daughter  FW  13 S Minnesota
Lief  Jenny daughter  FW 11 Minnesota
Lief  Anna daughter  FW 9 Minnesota


Jackson  John head  MW  51 M Finland-S  1899 farmer general
Jackson  Mary wife FW 51 Finland-S  1904
Jackson  Albert son      Finland-S  1904 sawyer lumber
Jackson  Arvid son  MW 20 S Finland-S  1904 farm labor
Jackson  Carl E son  MW 10 S Minnesota
Jackson  Elna  daughter FW 8 Minnesota
CO32 Beck John A  head  MW 36 M Finland-S  1902 farm labor
Beck Anna wife FW 29 M Finland-S  unk
Beck Carl G son  MW  2 S Minnesota
CO33 Robertson Richard  head  MW 58  S Norway  1889 fisherman
CO34 Johnson  Louis head  MW  56 S Norway  1895 fisherman
CO35 Gauthier  Lawrence head  MW  44 M Wisconsin    farmer general
Gauthier  Mathilda  wife FW  37 M Wisconsin   
Anderson Louis boarder  MW 30  S Norway  1888 labor woods
Wilson  John  fa-in-law  MW  67 W Wisconsin    labor woods
CO36 Massman  John head  MW 68 W German 1880 farmer general
CO37 Zerbach  Joseph  head  MW 48 M Wisconsin    farmer general
Zerbach  Elizabeth  wife FW  40 M Wisconsin   
Zerbach  Joseph W son  MW 19  S Michigan sawyer lumbercamp
Zerbach  Russell  son  MW 15 S Michigan sawyer lumbercamp
Zerbach  Harvey son  MW  13 S Michigan
Zerbach  Elizabeth daughter  FW  9 S Minnesota
Zerbach  Earl son  MW 7 Minnesota
Fisher  John  br-in-law  MW  43 S United States sawyer lumberco

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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