1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman  on April 10, 2001

Township: Grand Marais Township

Address    Lastname    Firstname     Status  S/R Age M Country        Year immig    Occupation     Employed               
GMT1 Worthing  Errol head  MW23S     No Dakota cook  general cook  general
GMT1     Worthing  Morton  brother  MW17S      Minnesota   salesman hardware
GMT2 Homo Thomas head  MW48S      Norway 1901 fisherman  L Superior
GMT3 Leonard Eric head MW47M     Sweden 1876  fisherman  L Superior
GMT3 Leonard Hedvig  wife FW40M      Sweden 1901
GMT3   Leonard Elmer son MW17S     Minnesota    fisherman L Superior
GMT3  Leonard Gilbert son MW14S     Minnesota   
GMT3 Leonard George son MW13S     Minnesota   
GMT3 Leonard Mary daughter   FW10S     Minnesota   
GMT3 Leonard Arthur   son MW8S     Minnesota   
GMT3 Leonard Martha daughter FW6S     Minnesota   
GMT3 Leonard Mable  daughter FW4S      Minnesota   
GMT3  Leonard Margaret daughter FW2S      Minnesota   
GMT4 Seglum  Bernhart  head MW28M      Norway 1907  fisherman L Superior
GMT4 Seglum  Helen wife FW22M      Minnesota   
GMT4 Seglum  Hazel B daughter FW2S      Minnesota   
GMT4 Seglum  Edna?  daughter FW1S      Minnesota   
GMT5   Zimmerman  Sam Jr  head MW34M     Minnesota    Proprietor Livery
GMT5 Zimmerman  Inga  wife FW24M     Minnesota   
GMT5 Zimmerman  Glen son MW3S     Minnesota   
GMT5 Zimmerman  Floyd son MW2S     Minnesota   
GMT5    Berg  Richard  bro-in-law    MW17S      Minnesota    labor lumber camp
GMT6 Reinhartson Reinart  head MW48S     Norway  1900  fisherman L Superior
GMT6 Larson Harold  partner  MW22S      Norway  1914   machinist tractor
GMT7   Voided by  enumerator    
GMT8 Hall Hans head MW55M     Norway  1887  farmer? general
GMT8 Hall Helen  wife FW55M     Norway  1887
GMT8    Hall Cornelius son MW29S     Minnesota  teamster lumber camp
GMT9 Svenland Hilmer head MW38M     Norway  1902  fisherman L Superior
GMT9 Svenland  Jully  wife FW30M      Norway  1902
GMT9 Svenland  Hilmer  son MW4S     Michigan
GMT9 Svenland  Stanley  son MW2S      Minnesota 
GMT9 Svenland  Doris daughter FW0S      Minnesota 
GMT9 Svenland  Ole brother MW22S     Norway  1902 fisherman L Superior
GMT9  Skadberg  John F boarder MW25S      Norway  1916  fisherman L Superior
GMT10 Witting Bernhard head MW32M     Norway  1914  fisherman
GMT10 Witting Jannie  wife FW28M     Norway  1910
GMT10 Witting Adolph son MW12S     Minnesota 
GMT10 Seglem  Nila  bro-in-law MW25S     Norway  1910  fisherman
GMT11 Thorson  Benjamin  head MW39M     Norway 1905 fisherman
GMT11  Thorson  Carrie wife FW43M     Norway 1906
GMT11 Thorson  Orville son MW8S     Minnesota
GMT11 Thorson  Alvira  daughter FW6S      Minnesota
GMT11 Thorson  Bjarne  son MW3S      Minnesota
GMT11 Sather Hjilmer  boarder  MW30S      Norway 1906 fisherman
GMT11 Gidavaag  Carl boarder  MW31S     Norway 1914  fisherman
GMT12 Olson Olaf head MW39M     Norway 1905 fisherman
GMT12 Olson Signi  wife FW27M      Norway 1910
GMT12  Olson Helen  daughter FW6S     Minnesota
GMT12 Olson Edward  son MW4S     Minnesota
GMT12 Olson Peter  brother  MW30S     Norway 1915 fisherman
GMT12 Nicholiason Gust  boarder  MW24S     Norway 1914 fisherman
GMT13 Johnson  Carl G  head MW36M     Sweden  1904 cabinetmaker shop
GMT13  Johnson  Amy wife FW30M      Sweden 1914
GMT13 Johnson  Earl S son MW0S      Illinois
GMT14 Sidenton  John head MW68S      Finland-S 1888
GMT15 Nicholiason Chris head MW24M      Norway 1905 fisherman
GMT15 Nicholiason Ella C wife FW21M     Minnesota
GMT15 Nicholiason Olive R daughter FW8S      Minnesota
GMT15 Nicholiason Anna W  daughter FW7S     Minnesota
GMT15  Nicholiason Bert  son MW5S     Minnesota
GMT15  Nicholiason Alvina  daughter FW2S      Minnesota
GMT15 Nicholiason Nora daughter FW2S     Minnesota
GMT16 Helmerson  Herman  head  MW50M     Norway 1890 farmer general
GMT16 Helmerson  Lena wife FW48M     Norway 1890
GMT16 Helmerson  Harry son  MW25S     Minnesota  machinist automobile
GMT16 Helmerson  Hjalmer son  MW21S      Minnesota  labor lumber camp
GMT16 Helmerson  Ruby daughter  FW10S     Minnesota 
GMT16 Helmerson  Lily daughter  FW18S     Minnesota 
GMT16     Berg Arthur  boarder MW20S      Minnesota  labor lumber camp
GMT17 Nicholiason Olaf head  MW32M      Norway 1906 fisherman
GMT17 Nicholiason Lena wife FW32M      Norway 1906
GMT18 Helmerson  Albert E head  MW27M      Minnesota  teamster lumbercamp
GMT18 Helmerson  Sophia M wife FW31M      Sweden 1907
GMT18 Helmerson  Margaret daughter  FW6S     Minnesota 
GMT18 Helmerson  Harley M  son  MW5S      Minnesota 
GMT18 Helmerson  Alice daughter  FW3S     Minnesota 
GMT18 Helmerson  Zelda  daughter  FW0S     Minnesota 
GMT19 Olson Ole J head  MW61M     Norway 1889 farmer general
GMT19 Olson  Gensing wife FW69M     Norway 1882
GMT20 Jones Carl head  MW47M     Sweden 1894 labor lumber camp
GMT20 Jones Minnie wife FW46M     Minnesota 
GMT20   Jones Hilbert son  MW18S      Minnesota  labor lumber camp
GMT20 Jones Richard son  MW15S     Minnesota 
GMT20 Jones Clifford son  MW12S     Minnesota 
GMT20 Jones Gustaf  son  MW10S      Minnesota 
GMT20  Jones Arnold  son  MW8S      Minnesota 
GMT21 Mitchell Seymore  head  MW43M      Canada 1899  Sawyer lumbercamp
GMT21 Mitchell Ethel  wife  FW28M     Canada 1914
GMT21 Mitchell James   son  MW7S     Minnesota
GMT21  Mitchell George son  MW4S     Minnesota
GMT21 Mitchell Donald son  MW2S     Minnesota
GMT22 Cardinal  Walter head  MW22S      Minnesota labor lumber camp
GMT23 Lofdahl  Eric head  MW50S     Finland-S 1895 labor lumbercamp
GMT24 Slone  Patrick head  MW44S      Canada 1904 labor lumber camp
GMT25 Moses  Floyd head  MB34M      Illinois labor lumber camp
GMT25  Moses  Guy brother  MB37M     Illinois labor lumber camp
GMT25 Moses  Will brother  MB39S     Illinois labor lumber camp
GMT26 Wannebo  Peter head MW35W     Norway 1891  trapper furbearing
GMT27 unknown Andrew head MWxS      Norway unk Fisherman L Superior
GMT28 Marshall John head MW70S     New York
GMT29 Cleveland Peter head MW29M     Norway 1898 labor lumbercamp
GMT29 Cleveland Gunda  wife FW25M     Norway 1911
GMT29 Rude Chris bro-in-law  MW25S     Norway 1914 labor lumber camp
GMT30 Gustafson  John head MW42S      Sweden 1893 labor lumber camp
GMT31 Nelson Perry head  MW48M     Sweden 1889   farmer general
GMT31 Nelson Amanda wife FW48M      Sweden 1902
GMT32 Johnson Andrew head  MW71?      Norway 1886  labor lumber camp
GMT33 Blomberg  Thorvold  head  MW41M     Norway 1911 farmer general
GMT33 Blomberg  Otilia  wife FW38M      Norway 1911
GMT33 Blomberg Ole son MW12S      Norway 1911
GMT33 Blomberg Agnes daughter  FW9S     Norway 1911
GMT33 Blomberg  Arthur son MW6S     Minnesota
GMT33 Blomberg  Gunner son MW3S      Minnesota
GMT33 Blomberg  Runog  mother FW74W      Norway 1911
GMT34  Dalbec  Andrew head  MW60S     Canada 1865 labor lumber camp
GMT35 Blade Charlie head  MW46S     Sweden 1880 labor  lumber camp
GMT36 Olson Ole J head  MW52S      Norway  1891 labor lumber camp
GMT37 Babineau  Robert head  MW47M     Canada 1900 labor lumber camp
GMT37 Babineau  Florence wife FW37M      Canada 1901
GMT37    Babineau  Lillian  daughter FW18S      Wisconsin
GMT37  Babineau  Pearl daughter FW16S     Wisconsin
GMT37 Babineau  William son MW10S     Wisconsin
GMT38 Babineau  Frank head  MW48M     Canada 1878 labor  lumber camp
GMT38 Babineau  Mary wife FW42M      Canada 1880
GMT38 Babineau  Olive E  daughter FW6S      Minnesota
GMT38 Babineau  Ruben son MW5S      Minnesota
GMT38 Babineau  Marion  daughter FW1S     Minnesota
GMT39 Rice Jacob head  MW36M     Norway  1907 fisherman L Superior
GMT39 Rice Emma wife  FW30M     Norway  1909
GMT39 Rice Ursa?  daughter FW3S      Minnesota
GMT40 Deloria  Henry head  MW56S      Canada 1883 labor lumber camp

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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