1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman  on April 10, 2001

Township: Grand Portage

Address    Lastname    Firstname     Status  S/R/Age/M    Country        Year immigrated Occupation     Employed               
Res54 Roberts Clyde head  MW33M Wisconsin  farmer own farm
Res54 Roberts Marguerite wife  FW28M  Wisconsin 
Res54 Roberts Lyman J  son MW10S Wisconsin 
Res54 Roberts Everett E son MW3S  Minnesota
Res54 Roberts Lloyd W son MW0S  Minnesota
Res55    Everson  Albert F head  MW28S Wisconsin  farmer own farm
Res55 Mathews Julia sister FW31M  Wisconsin 
Res55 Mathews Walter L son MW4S  Nebraska
Res56     Fisher Joe head  MI57M Minnesota trapper own traps
Res56 Fisher  Elizabeth  wife  MI58M  Minnesota
Res56 Crawford Chas  grandson  MW14S Minnesota
Res57    Pero Chas head  MI35M Minnesota woodsman timberwood
Res57 Pero Carrie E  wife  FI27M  Minnesota
Res57 Pero Mary E daughter    FI6S  Minnesota
Res57  Pero Grace J  daughter FI4S Minnesota
Res57 Pero Irene E  daughter FI2S  Minnesota
Res58    LeSage  Alex head  MI35M Minnesota woodsman timberland
Res58 LeSage  Nancy  wife  FI40M  Minnesota
Res58 LeSage  Agnes  daughter FI17S  Minnesota
Res58 LeSage  Rosalind  daughter FI14S  Minnesota
Res59 Makinen  John head  MW30S  Finland-F no ans carpenter contract
Res60 Bockovitch  Martin head  MW30M Austria 1904 farmer own farm
Res60 Bockovitch  Teresa  wife  FW21M Wisconsin 
Res61 Sherer  Paul head MI23M  Minnesota woodsman timberland
Res61 Sherer  Nancy wife  MI21M Minnesota
Res61 Sherer  Bernard son MI2S Minnesota
Res61 Sherer  David  son MI0S  Minnesota
Res62 Crawford Sam head MW62M Scotland  1861 poolman?  own place
Res62 Crawford Philomena wife FI30M Minnesota
Res62  Crawford Sam G son MW31M  Minnesota fisherman L superior
Res62 Crawford Angelina dr-in-law FI29M  Minnesota
Res62 Crawford George grandson  MW6S  Minnesota
Res62 Crawford Savion?  grandson  MW4S  Minnesota
Res63   Lewis  Joe head MI70M  Minnesota trapper own traps
Res63 Lewis Kathrine  wife MI60M Minnesota
Res64   Longbody Joe head MI70M Minnesota trapper own traps
Res64  Longbody Joe son MI20S Minnesota woodsman timberland
Res65 Clark  John W head MW37M  Michigan storekeeper groceries
Res65 Clark  Josephine wife FI3?M Minnesota
Res65 Clark  Marcella daughter FW18S Minnesota
Res65  Clark  Rose daughter FW10S  Minnesota

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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