1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman  on April 10, 2001

Township: Grand Portage Unincorporated

Address    Lastname    Firstname     Status  S/R Age M Country        Year immig    Occupation     Employed               
Res66 Bushman Alec head  MI33M      Minnesota fisherman L superior
Res67 Posey Alex head  MI33M      Minnesota Indian Police Indian Res
Res67 Posey Mary wife FI30M      Minnesota
Res67    Posey Tom Adoptson    MI2S     Canada
Res67 Shebb  Joseph boarder MI24S     Minnesota woodsman timberland
Res68 Hunter Joseph head  MI28M      Minnesota woodsman timberland
Res68 Hunter Nancy wife FI25M     Minnesota
Res68 Hunter Mary daughter FI0S     Minnesota
Res68 Isek Josephine mo-in-law FI75W     Minnesota
Res69  Cramer John head  MI80M     Minnesota Trapper own traps
Res70 Hashberger Wm H head  MW32M     Ohio   teacher Ind. School
Res70  Hashberger Emma  wife FW30M     Wisconsin housekeep Ind. School
Res71 Mitchell John head  MI38M      Canada  woodsman timberland
Res71      Mitchell Mary wife FI29M     Minnesota
Res71 Mitchell Julia daughter FI10S     Minnesota
Res72 Legard  Frank head  MI44M     Canada  woodsman timberland
Res72 Legard  Jennie wife FI45M     Canada 
Res72 Legard  Paul son MI16S     Minnesota
Res72  Legard  Gus son MI14S     Minnesota
Res72 Legard             Alex  brother MI46M      Canada  trapper own traps
Res73 Mus co wash  Mary Ann  head  FI70W      Minnesota
Res74   LaPlante  John head  MI55M      Minnesota woodsman timberland
Res74 LaPlante  Nancy wife FI49M     Minnesota
Res75   Longbody Jacob head  MI55M     Minnesota woodsman timberland
Res75 Longbody Charlot  wife FI50M     Minnesota
Hatpt76 Montferrand Joe G head  MW49S      Michigan Woodman timberland
Hatpt76 Plante  Edward  boarder MW19S     Minnesota painter day labor
Hatpt76 Plante  Theodore boarder MW16S     Minnesota
Hatpt77 Oberg   Axel B head  MW56M      Sweden 1892 carpenter  own shop
Hatpt77 Oberg  Hilda C   wife FW54M     Sweden 1892
Hatpt77 Oberg  ..Adolph Son  MW16S     Minnesota
Hatpt77 Hagstrom  Peter L  bro-in-law  MW50S     Sweden 1892 woodsman timberland
Hatpt78  LeSage  Katherine head  FI39M     Minnesota housekeep private family
Hatpt79  Olson Thomas head  MW46S      Norway 1905 Woodsman timberland
Hatpt80 Tomas Mary head  FI66W     Minnesota
Hatpt81 Hendrickson Otto L head  MW34S     Sweden 1905 fisherman L superior
Hatpt82 Sorenson Olaf head  MW32W     Norway 1908 woodsman timberland
Hatpt83 Peterson John F head  MW39M     Michigan farmer own farm
Hatpt83     Peterson Maude M  wife FW33M     Wisconsin
Hatpt83     Peterson Donald R son  MW6S      Minnesota
Hatpt83 Peterson Wendell son  MW4S      Minnesota
Hatpt83 Peterson Douglas A son  MW2S      Minnesota
Hatpt84   Peterson Charles J. M. head  MW27M     Michigan Farmer own land
Hatpt84 Peterson Blanche S wife FW29M     Wisconsin
Hatpt84 Peterson Gertrude daughter FW6S      Minnesota
Hatpt84 Peterson Kenneth C son  MW3S     Minnesota
Hatpt84  Peterson Bernice daughter FW1S     Minnesota
Hatpt85 LaPlante  Paul head  MW68M     Canada Contract work
Hatpt85 LaPlante  Mary  wife FI71M     no answer
GPadd86 LaPlante  Peter head  MI39M      Minnesota woodsman timberland
GPadd86 LaPlante  Alice wife  FI26M     Minnesota
GPadd86 LaPlante  Adam Roach son  MI7S      Minnesota
GPadd86 LaPlante  Elizabeth M daughter FI4S      Minnesota
GPadd87 Ma moush kowwash  Nelson head  MW45D     Minnesota woodsman timberland
GPadd87 Ma moush kowwash  Josephine mother FW78W     Minnesota
GPadd88 Bushman Joe head  MI32M      Minnesota
GPadd88 Bushman Jessie wife  FI27M      Canada
GPadd88 Bushman Mary daughter FI3S     Minnesota
GPadd88 Bushman Martha daughter FI1S     Minnesota
GPadd89 Bushman John head  MI30M     Minnesota woodsman timberland
GPadd89 Bushman Hannah wife  FI27M     Minnesota
GPadd89 Bushman Annie daughter FI6S     Minnesota
GPadd89 Bushman Kathrine  daughter FI3S      Minnesota
GPadd89 Bushman Lena daughter FI0S     Minnesota
GPadd90 Rouseau John head  MI40M     Minnesota fisherman L Superior
GPadd90 Rouseau  Susan wife  FI28M      Minnesota
GPadd90 Rouseau  Maryjane  daughter FI5S     Minnesota
GPadd90 Rouseau  Teresa S daughter FI1S     Minnesota
GPadd90 Louis  Margaret  mo-in-law FI82W     Minnesota
GPadd91 Dishaw Joe head  MW43M     Minnesota fisherman L Superior
GPadd91 Dishaw Teresa wife FI32M     Minnesota
GPadd91 Dishaw Wm son  MW7S      Minnesota
GPadd91 Dishaw Sam son  MW5S     Minnesota
GPadd91 Dishaw Albert son  MW2S     Minnesota
GPadd91 Dishaw Lawrence son  MW0S     Minnesota
GPadd92    Ganup  Nelson  head MI28M     Minnesota woodsman timberland
GPadd92 Ganup  Elin wife MI22M      Minnesota
GPadd92  Ganup  Mark son  MI5S     Minnesota
GPadd92 Ganup  Christine daughter  FI2S      Minnesota
GPadd93 LeSage Henry  head MW71M     Michigan   Carpenter contractor
GPadd93 Morrison Theresa  boarder FW65M     Minnesota
GPadd94 Gagnon  Peter  head MW68M     Canada storekeep groceries
GPadd94 Gagnon  Luck wife FI35M     Minnesota
GPadd94 Gagnon  Mary daughter  FW7S     Minnesota
GPadd94 Gagnon  Peter son  MW3S      Minnesota
GPadd95 Crawford  L. M.  head MW49M     Ohio clerk grocery
GPadd95 Crawford  Katherine wife FW38M      Nebraska
GPadd95 Crawford  Ralph W son  MW0S     Minnesota
GPadd96  Bushman Joe head   MI61W     Minnesota fisherman L superior
GPadd96  Bushman Peter son MI29S      Canada woodsman timberland
GPadd97 Wah gash ko myes Mary head FI65W     Minnesota
GPadd98 Hoyt Sam J  head   MW38M     Iowa  farmer own farm
GPadd98 Hoyt Bertha wife FW39M     Michigan
GPadd98 Hoyt Miles son MW13S     Michigan
GPadd98 Hoyt Neal R  son MW11S     Montana
GPadd98 Hoyt Arnold son MW9S     Iowa
GPadd98 Hoyt Ebla Mary  daughter FW3S      Minnesota
NoP99 Sawyer  A. H. head   MW49D     Minnesota own farm own farm
NoP99 Milner W. A. head   MW43S      Minnesota farmer own farm
NoP99 Rafferty John Pat. head   MW29S     Ohio   farmer own farm
NoP99 Olson Albert head   MW28S      Sweden  1909 farmer own farm
NoP100 Strom  James  head   MW35M     Illinois   fisherman L Superior
NoP100 Strom  Hilda wife FW24M      Sweden  no ans
NoP101  Jullum  Arnie  head  MW41S     Norway  1903 fisherman L Superior
NoP102 Ebb Charlie head  MW36S     Finland-F 1905 farmer own land
NoP103 Flat Mike head  MI56M      Minnesota trapper own traps
NoP103 Flat Susan wife FI43M      Minnesota
NoP103 Flat Jennie daughter FI20S     Minnesota
NoP103 Flat John son MI14S      Minnesota
NoP103 Flat Mary daughter  FI12S     Minnesota
NoP103 Flat Sarah daughter  FI10S      Minnesota
NoP103 Flat Lucy  daughter  FI8S      Minnesota
NoP103 Flat Theresa daughter  FI6S     Minnesota
NoP104 Tamarack Madeline head  FI60W     Canada trapper own traps
NoP104   Spruce Mary sister FI40W     Canada trapper own traps
NoP104 Fisher Minnie Cousin FI45D     Minnesota trapper own traps
NoP105 LaPlante  William head  MI31D     Minnesota woodsman timberland
Pigeon106 Altschiwager  John head MW73W      Germany 1857 farmer own farm
Pigeon106   Hirsh John son-in-law MW45M     Michigan fisherman L Superior
Pigeon106 Hirsh Emma daughter FW47M     Wisconsin
Pigeon106 Shaw Frank boarder MW40S     Michigan   fisherman L Superior
Pigeon107 Falkoner  Ebenezer head MW60M     Michigan   Miner managing owner
Pigeon107 Falkoner  Margaret wife FW62M     Canada   no ans
Pigeon107 Falkoner  Effie daughter  FW29S     Minnesota
Pigeon108 Maher James head MW39M      Maine photographer own shop
Pigeon108 Maher Eva M wife FW34M     Minnesota
Pigeon108 Maher Donald J son MW13S      Wisconsin
Pigeon108 Maher Duane M son MW11S     Minnesota
Pigeon108 Maher Katherine M daughter FW7S     California
Pigeon109 Koss John A head MW57M     Germany 1881 fisherman LSuperior
Pigeon109 Koss Ellen M wife FW43M     Canada
Pigeon109 Koss John Lewis son MW23S      Minnesota fisherman L Superior
Pigeon109 Koss Nassau son MW22S     Minnesota fisherman L Superior
Pigeon109 Koss Stanley son MW13S     Minnesota
Pigeon109 Koss Mae R daughter FW10S     Canada
Pigeon109 Koss Ethel A daughter FW8S     Canada
Pigeon109 Koss Agnes B  daughter FW6S     Canada
Pigeon109 Koss Adam B..? son MW2S     Minnesota
Pigeon110 Hirsch William B head MW34M     Wisc? fisherman L Superior
Pigeon110 Hirsch Violet M wife FW34M     Minnesota
Pigeon111 Muller Johannes head MW68W     Switzerland 1882 fisherman L Superior
Pigeon111 Anderson  John boarder MW67D     Sweden 1881 fisherman L Superior
Pigeon111 Crawford George boarder MI40S     Minnesota
Pigeon112 Plante Mable wife FI35M     Minnesota
Pigeon112  Plante unk  son MW6S     unknown
Pigeon112 Plante Godfrey  head MW39M     Minnesota

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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