1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman  on April 10, 2001

Township: Hovland

Address    Lastname    Firstname     Status  S/R Age M Country        Year immig    Occupation     Employed               
WestRd1  England Alexander Head  MW32M      Finland-S*  1908 Logger Own land
WestRd1  England Blanche wife FW30M     Minnesota
WestRd1  England  Milton A Son  MW1-S      Minnesota
WestRd2  Jacobson Paul  head  MW36M      Norway 1905 farmer  Own land
WestRd2  Jacobson  Emma     wife FW32M      Norway  1909
WestRd2  Jacobson Paul E son   MW9S      Minnesota
WestRd2  Jacobson Olga J  daughter    FW7S      Minnesota
WestRd2  Jacobson Edith B daughter FW6S      Minnesota
WestRd2  Jacobson Christian H  son  MW4S      Minnesota
WestRd2  Jacobson Birger   son  MW2S       Minnesota
WestRd2  Jacobson Clara E  daughter FW2S      Minnesota
WestRd2  Dyrstad  Bertha  mo-in-law   FW61W  Norway 1913
WestRd3  Westerlund  Andrew head  MW48M     Finland-S  1888 farmer own land
WestRd3  Westerlund  Mary wife FW51M      Finland-S  1889
WestRd3  Johnson Peter Boarder  MW43W      Finland-S  1902  woodsman timberland
WestRd4 Sundquist  Mary Head  FW36W      Finland-S  1902 farmer  ownland
WestRd4 Sundquist  Oscar son MW14S      Minnesota
WestRd4 Sundquist  Ida daughter  FW12S      Minnesota
WestRd4 Sundquist  Arthur L  son MW9S       Minnesota
WestRd4 Sundquist  Oliver John   son MW5S      Minnesota
WestRd5  Soderlund  Jacob   head  MW40M       Finland-S  1899 farmer own land
WestRd5  Soderlund  Mary wife  FW39M      Finland-S  1902
WestRd5  Soderlund  Mildred  daughter  FW14S      Minnesota
WestRd5  Soderlund  Elmer J son  MW12S       Minnesota
WestRd5  Soderlund  Elsie J  daughter  FW10S       Minnesota
WestRd5  Soderlund  Ethel D  daughter  FW7S      Minnesota
WestRd5  Soderlund  Marvin H  son  MW5S      Minnesota
WestRd5  Soderlund  Lillian L  daughter  FW3S      Minnesota
WestRd5  Soderlund  John W son  MW1S      Minnesota
WestRd6  Erickson  Jens head  MW46M      Norway  1902 Farmer   own land
WestRd6  Erickson  Marthine wife   FW45M     Norway  1909
WestRd6  Erickson  Simon M son MW23S     Norway  1909
WestRd6  Erickson  Ella O  daughter  FW15S      Norway  1909
WestRd6  Erickson  John M son MW12S     Norway  1909
WestRd6  Erickson  Fred son MW9S      Minnesota
WestRd6  Erickson  Clara daughter  FW6S      Minnesota
WestRd7  Bentson  Knute  head  MW35M     Norway 1905 Farmer   own land
WestRd7  Bentson  Nora Ida wife FW29M      Wisconsin
WestRd7  Bentson  Irene daughter  FW3S      Minnesota
WestRd7  Bentson  Vivian  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
WestRd7  Bentson  Julian son MW0S      Minnesota
WestRd8  Bray  Chas C head  MW27M      Minnesota    Farmer   own farm
WestRd8  Bray  Mae N wife FW28M      Minnesota   
WestRd8  Bray  Elwyn L son MW2S      Minnesota   
WestRd8  Bray  A Marian  daughter  FW0S     Minnesota   
WestRd9  Lindberg  Richard H  head  MW30S     N. Dakota woodsman timberland
WestRd9  Malk?  Richard  Boarder  MW27S      Missouri    woodsman timberland
WestRd10  Westerlund  Henry head  MW52M      Sweden 1910 Road overs state road
WestRd10  Westerlund  Anna wife  FW60M      Sweden 1910
WestRd10  Berglund  Mamie niece FW9S     Sweden 1913
NorthRd11 Harlson  Elmer H  head  MW43M     Wisconsin    farmer   own land
NorthRd11 Harlson  Mary wife  FW40M      Norway  1888
NorthRd11 Harlson  Hazel A daughter FW19S      Wisconsin   
NorthRd11 Harlson  Glennie M  son MW17S      Wisconsin   
NorthRd11 Harlson  Nelita  daughter FW14S      Wisconsin   
NorthRd11 Olson   Mary  Mo-in-law FW83W      Norway 1888
NorthRd12 Kjaring  Selmer head  MW29M      Michigan
NorthRd12 Kjaring  Idella J  Wife   FW23M      Minnesota
Northrd13 Harriman  William head  MW35M      Wisconsin
Northrd13 Harriman  Laura A wife  FW38M     Wisconsin
Northrd13 Harriman  Evelyn L  daughter  FW7S      Wisconsin
Northrd13 Harriman  Hazel A  daughter  FW6S      Wisconsin
Northrd13 Harriman  Wilma B  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
Northrd13 Seeley Fanny  sis-in-law  FW30D      Wisconsin
Northrd13 Seeley  Gordon  Nephew  MW7S      Wisconsin
Northrd13 Seeley  Douglas   Nephew  MW5S      Wisconsin
NorthRd14  Thorson Carl head  MW37M      Norway   1902 farmer own land
NorthRd14  Thorson Randa  wife FW32M      Norway   1892
NorthRd14   Thorson Irene M daughter  FW11S      Minnesota
NorthRd14  Thorson Edwin E son  MW5S      Minnesota
NorthRd14  Thorson Helen E  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
NorthRd15  Jacoby John Head  MW52M      Poland 1864 woodsman timberlands
NorthRd15  Jacoby Maggie D wife FW49M      Poland 1865
NorthRd15  Jacoby Francis K daughter  FW16S     Wisconsin
NorthRd15  Jacoby Kathrine C  daughter  FW13S      Minnesota
NorthRd16  Eliasen John head   MW53M      Norway 1880 fisherman Lake Superior        
NorthRd16  Eliasen Anna wife FW39M     Norway 1895
NorthRd16  Eliasen Arthur son  MW19S     Minnesota
NorthRd16  Eliasen Edwin son  MW15S      Minnesota
NorthRd16  Eliasen Beatrice A  daughter  FW8S      Minnesota
NorthRd16  Eliasen Clarence son  MW6S      Minnesota
NorthRd17  Jacobson  Esther head FW57S      Norway 1890  woodsman timberland
LShore18  Thorson  Adolph  head MW58D      Norway 1878 fisherman Lake Superior
LShore19  Benson  Andrew head MW51S      Norway 1892  fisherman Lake Superior
LShore20  Sannes  Ed  head  MW27S     Norway 1911 fisherman Lake Superior
LShore20  Sannes  Caroline sister FW23S      Norway 1916
LShore20  Sannes  Carl brother MW33S     Norway 1911 fisherman Lake Superior
LShore21  Jacobson   Carl Head  MW30M     Norway 1907 fisherman Lake Superior
LShore21  Jacobson   Carrie wife  FW29M     Norway 1914
LShore21  Jacobson   Christine  daughter  FW0S      Minnesota
LShore22  Marken Chris Head MF27M     Norway 1912 fisherman Lake Superior
LShore22  Marken Petra A wife FW18M      Norway 1910
LShore22  Marken Pearl C  daughter FW0S      Minnesota
LShore23  Myhr  John A  head MW41S      Norway 1908 Logger  contract
LShore23  Myhr  Andrew  brother MW48W      Norway 1901 woodsman timberland
LShore23  Myhr  Nels  brother  MW38S      Norway 1904 woodsman timberland
LShore23  Myhr  Anna Mrs. M mother FW76W      Norway 1919
LShore24  Hoffman Ralph head  MW27M      Minnesota    woodsman timberland
LShore24  Hoffman Alfreda wife FW25M      Minnesota   
LShore24  Hoffman Warren son MW2S      Minnesota   
LShore24  Hoffman Warren  brother  MW29S      Minnesota    woodsman timberland
LShore24  Hoffman James  brother  MW24S      Minnesota    woodsman timberland
LShore24  Barnes Frank brother  MW34S      Minnesota    woodsman timberland
LShore25  Solgard  Andrew head  MW63M     Norway 1880 fisherman Lake Superior
LShore26  Eliasen  John N head  MW34M      Illinois  fisherman
LShore26  Eliasen  Alma wife FW21M      Norway 1919
LShore26  Eliasen  John Allen son MW4S      Minnesota
LShore26  Eliasen  Emily L  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
MooseV27  Johnson  August   head  MW54M      Sweden  1888 Farmer   own land
MooseV27  Johnson  Hannah wife FW46M      Sweden  1884
MooseV27  Johnson  Clyde son MW16S      Minnesota
MooseV27  Johnson  Clarence son MW14S      Minnesota
MooseV27  Johnson  Mildred  daughter FW11S      Minnesota
MooseV28   Ellquist  Alphonse  head  MW31M      Minnesota farmer  own land
MooseV28   Ellquist  Martha wife FW30M      Sweden  No Ans
Town29  Stevens  Austin W  head  MW55M      Wisconsin   farmer   own land
Town29  Stevens  Ella wife FW58M      Wisconsin  
Town29  Stevens  Winnie  daughter FW26S      Wisconsin  
Town30   Eliasen  Ludwig  Head MW66W      Norway  1881 fisherman Lake Superior
Town30  Eliasen  Julia  daughter FW39S      Norway 1884
Town30  Eliasen  George M son MW27S      Minnesota fisherman Lake Superior
Town31  Eliasen  Emil CF head  MW24M      Minnesota   fisherman Lake Superior
Town31  Eliasen  Helen wife FW18M     Wisconsin
Town31  Eliasen  unknown  daughter  FW1wkS     Minnesota  
Town32  Ellingson  Louis head  MW63M      Norway  1881 Storekeeper grocery
Town32  Ellingson  Nellie, Mrs. wife FW58M      Norway  1888
Town33  Arnquist  Anton P  head  MW28M      Sweden 1911 farmer   own land
Town33  Arnquist  Lena, Mrs.  wife FW25M      Wisconsin
Town34 St Jacques  Fred head  MW28M      Wisconsin woodsman timberland
Town34 St Jacques  Freda, Mrs. wife FW21M      Norway  No Ans.
Town34 St Jacques  Phyllis  daughter  FW3S      Minnesota  
Town34 St Jacques  Eleanor  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota  
Town34 Mattson  Hannah  mo-in-law  FW57D      Norway  1913 Janitor School house
Town34 Arnquist  Arvin son MW1S      Minnesota  
Town34 Nelson  Hjalmer N  boarder  MW34S      Sweden 1908 woodsman timberland
Town34 Nelson Hilmer J  boarder  MW40S      Sweden 1905 farmer  own land
Town35  Jacobson  John head  MW45M      Norway  1891 farmer   own land
Town35  Jacobson  Anna wife FW37M      Norway  1906
Town35  Jacobson  Ralph M son MW10S      Minnesota
Town35  Jacobson  John Edward son MW7S     Minnesota
Town35  Jacobson  Dagny J  daughter  FW5S      Minnesota
Town36 Jacobson  Martin head  MW37M      Norway  1892 storekeeper grocery
Town36 Jacobson  Flossie  wife FW27M      Wisconsin
Town36 Jacobson  Olive A  daughter  FW5S      Minnesota
Town36 Jacobson  Robert W  son MW3S     Minnesota
Town36 Jacobson  Louise R  daughter  FW0S      Minnesota
High2 37  Olson  Theadore  head  MW45M      Norway  1899 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 37  Olson  Mattie O  wife FW35M      Norway  1891
High2 37  Olson  Thelma M  daughter  FW5S      Wisconsin
High2 37  Olson  Ester M daughter  FW4S      Minnesota
High2 38  Carlson  Adolph S  head  MW64S      Sweden  1889 miner   own mine
High2 39  Jacobsen  Brendt  head  MW51M      Norway  1887 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 39  Jacobsen  Marta wife MW65M      Norway  1891
High2 40  Arnquist   Carl head  MW27S      Norway  1913 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 41  Johnson  Anton M  head  MW30S      Norway  1910 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 42  Carlson  Adolph M head  MW52S      Norway  1884 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 42  Johnson  Charles  boarder  MW38S      Norway  1909 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 42  Larson Chas boarder  MW58S      Norway  1905 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 43  Rusk Frank J head  MW38M     Austria 1905 fisherman Lake Superior
High2 43  Rusk Minnie wife   FW37M     Iowa
High2 44  Linnell   Carl  head  MW27M     Wisconsin  farmer  own farm
High2 44  Linnell   Ines  wife   FW28M     Minnesota
High2 44  Linnell   Ruby L  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
High2 44  Linnell   Roy A son  MW0S      Minnesota
High2 45  Linnell   Edward H  head  MW55M      Wisconsin  farmer & sawmill
High2 45  Linnell   Licetta wife   FW50M     Wisconsin 
High2 45  Linnell   Roy E son  MW25S     Wisconsin  farmer   own farm
High2 45  Linnell   Lillian  daughter  FW18S      Wisconsin 
High2 45  Linnell   Myrtle  daughter  FW15S      Wisconsin 
High2 45  Linnell   Laura  daughter  FW13S      Wisconsin 
High2 45  Linnell   Nina  daughter  FW11S      Wisconsin 
High2 45  Linnell   Ella daughter  FW9S      Wisconsin 
High2 45  Linnell   Richard  son  MW6S      Wisconsin 
High2 45  Green  M S  bro-in-law   MW30S      Wisconsin  farmer   own farm
High2 46  Taylor  Wm S head  MW40M      Wisconsin farmer   own farm
High2 46  Taylor  Sonava  wife FW35M     Wisconsin
High2 46  Taylor  Sidney L son MW11S     Wisconsin
High2 46  Taylor  Morris E son MW8S     Iowa
High2 46  Taylor  Douglas A son MW3S      Minnesota
High2 46  Plante  Mable  servant FW14S     Minnesota servant private family
High2 47 Smith Rube J  head  MW57M      Wisconsin farmer   own farm
High2 47 Smith Angie L wife FW58M     New York
High2 48 Bartlett  Horace J  head  MW29M      Missouri    farmer   own farm
High2 48 Bartlett  Pearl P   wife FW28M     Wisconsin
High2 48 Bartlett  Ruby G  daughter  FW9S      Michigan
High2 48 Bartlett  Rodney W  son MW7S      Wisconsin
High2 48 Bartlett  Harold H son MW5S      Minnesota
High2 48 Bartlett  Allan A  son MW2S      Minnesota
High2 49 Hoyt Asa G  head  MW27M      Nebraska   farmer   own farm
High2 49 Hoyt Bertha E wife FW27M     Iowa
High2 49 Hoyt Coral E  daughter  FW6S       Iowa
High2 49 Hoyt Dale W  son MW4S     Iowa
High2 49 Hoyt Emery F son MW2S      Minnesota
High2 49 Hoyt Flora O daughter  FW1S      Iowa
High2 50 Roberts Earl T   head  MW36M     Wisconsin farmer own farm
High2 50 Roberts Amelia, Mrs. wife FW37M      Wisconsin
High2 50 Roberts Alton C son MW13S     Wisconsin
High2 50 Roberts Spencer M son MW10S     Wisconsin
High2 50 Roberts Earl N son MW9S      Wisconsin
High2 50 Roberts Satilda E  daughter  FW8S      Minnesota
High2 50 Roberts Lena E  daughter  FW5S      Minnesota
High2 50 Roberts Frank B  son MW3S     Minnesota
High2 51  Linnell  Teddie A  head  MW29M      Wisconsin   farmer own farm
High2 51  Linnell  Ruth G  wife FW22M      Wisconsin  
High2 52  Woodard J. M. head  MW60M      Pennsylvania   farmer own farm
High2 52  Woodard Gertrude B wife FW51M     Wisconsin  
High2 52  Woodard Rube M son MW18S     Wisconsin   farmer own farm
High2 52  Woodard Paul son MW15S     Wisconsin  
High2 52  Woodard Lyle W son MW12S     Wisconsin  
High2 52  Linnell  Peter M head  MW53M     Wisconsin   storekeeper groceries
High2 52  Linnell  Nellie S  wife FW51M      Wisconsin  
High2 52  Linnell  Chester son MW18S      Wisconsin  
High2 52  Linnell  Rachel daughter  FW16S      Wisconsin  
High2 52  Linnell  Grace daughter  FW15S      Wisconsin  
High2 52  Linnell  Verne son MW11S      Wisconsin  
High2 52  Linnell  Russell M  son MW11S      Wisconsin  
High2 52  Linnell  Arnold U  son MW8S     
High2 52  Linnell  Cecelia  daughter  FW4S     
High2 53  Smith Lester H  head  MW30M      Wisconsin   Trapper   own traps
High2 53  Smith Mildred wife FW23M      Wisconsin  
High2 53  Smith Basil E son MW2S      Minnesota
High2 53  Smith Orville daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
High2 53 












No Ans




Public School


Hov113  Augenson  Martin head  MW64S      Norway  fisherman L Superior
Hov114  Floodman  Chas head  MW50S      Wisconsin  fisherman L Superior
Hov115  Nelson M. Carl  head  MW65W      Norway  fisherman L Superior
Hov116  Elaisen Emil M  head  MW57S      Norway  fisherman L Superior
Hov117  Gustafson  Ella head  FW83W      Norway  housekeep relatives
Hov118  Walters  Wm head  MW46W      Wisconsin   engineer? Statesman?
Hov119  Bray NJ head  MW59M     Minnesota  teacher pub school
Hov119  Bray A.H. Wife FW51M      Mass teacher pub school
Hov120  Hansen  Mons  head  MW42M      Norway  1898 farmer own land
Hov120  Hansen  Anna J   Wife FW39M      Norway  1908
Hov120  Hansen  Ragna O  daughter  FW9S      Minnesota
Hov120  Hansen  Hjalmer J  son  MW6S      Minnesota
Hov120  Hansen  Olga J   daughter  FW5S      Minnesota
Hov121  Humanitch  Harry  head  MW26S      Minnesota woodsman timberlands
Hov122 Wilson John head  MW67W      Wisconsin woodsman pulpwood

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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