1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman on April 10, 2001


Township: Lutsen

Address    Last name    First name     Status  S/R Age M Country        Year immigrated Occupation     Employed               
Lutsen1 Loh John head MW26M     Norway 1913 Fisherman L Superior
Lutsen1 Loh Cecclia  wife FW22M     Norway 1902
Lutsen2 Pederson Christ head MW31M     Norway 1911 farmer home
Lutsen2 Pederson Thea H wife FW32M     Norway 1912
Lutsen2 Pederson Thelma daughter    FW2S     Minnesota
Lutsen3 Valentine John head MW33S     Michigan forest ranger Superior
Lutsen3 Valentine Siebert brother MW36S     Michigan carpenter house
Lutsen4 Massie Abraham head MW76M     Canada  1890 farm own
Lutsen4 Massie Phoebe?  wife FW66M     Canada 1890
Lutsen5 Massie Homer head MW23M     Wisconsin farmer home farm
Lutsen5 Massie Rosa  wife FW25M     Minnesota
Lutsen5 Massie Howard son MW2S     Minnesota
Lutsen5 Massie Phillip son MW0S     Minnesota
Lutsen6 Lyght  Hosey P  head  MB38M      Alabama farmer home
Lutsen6  Lyght  Stella wife FB29M     Georgia
Lutsen6 Lyght  Burt son  MB11S     Pennsylvania   
Lutsen6 Lyght  Melvin son  MB8S     Pennsylvania
Lutsen6 Lyght  Norman son  MB6S     Pennsylvania
Lutsen6 Lyght  Willis son  MB5S     Minnesota
Lutsen6  Lyght  Mary daughter FB4S      Minnesota
Lutsen6 Lyght  Martha  daughter FB4S     Minnesota
Lutsen6 Lyght  Hattie daughter FB3S     Minnesota
Lutsen6 Lyght  Arthur son  MB0S     Minnesota
Lutsen7 Moses George head  MB41S     Illinois farmer home farm
Lutsen8  Kjeldahl  A. head  MW47S     Norway 1901 farmer home farm
Lutsen8 Kjeldahl  John  brother  MW46S     Norway 1906 labor  county road
Lutsen8 Peterson Gust hiredman  MW45S     Sweden  1905 labor county road
Lutsen8 Hagman? Martin hiredman  MW29S     Norway 1912 can't read can't read
Lutsen8 Paulson John head  MW38M      Sweden  1905 carpenter house
Lutsen8 Paulson Anna wife FW33M     Sweden  1908
Lutsen9 Happy  Peter head  MW42M     Canada 1902 farmer own farm
Lutsen9 Happy  Julia wife FW23M     Minnesota
Lutsen9 Happy  Ruth daughter FW6S      Minnesota
Lutsen9 Happy  Lilian  daughter FW4S     Minnesota
Lutsen9 Happy  Ernest son  MW2S     Minnesota
Lutsen9 Happy  Erland son  MW1S      Minnesota
Lutsen10  Anderson Pearl head  FW26W     Minnesota farmer own farm
Lutsen10 Anderson Alice daughter FW8S     Minnesota
Lutsen10 Anderson Alvin son  MW6S     Minnesota
Lutsen10 Anderson Alma  daughter MW4S     Minnesota
Lutsen10 Anderson Arthur son  MW2S      Minnesota
Lutsen10 Pehrson  Jons  boarder MW43S      Sweden  1889 labor working
Lutsen10 Olson Gunnard  boarder MW25S     Sweden  1903 teamster livery stable
Lutsen11 Anderson  John head MW31S      Finland-SW 1911 trapper in the forest
Lutsen12 Wannebo  Fritzof  head MW28M     Minnesota  logger in the forest
Lutsen12 Wannebo Edna wife FW19M      Minnesota  Cook in camp
Lutsen12 Sather Hartwick  hireman  MW32S      Minnesota  teamster livery stable
Lutsen12 Sage Joe L hireman  MW23S      Minnesota  teamster livery stable
Lutsen13 Bush Thomas head MW61D      Kentucky  can't read
Lutsen14 White William head MW60S     Vermont    farmer home farm
Lutsen14 White Walter brother MW62S      Vermont    farmer home farm
Lutsen15 Nelson Carl head MW32M     Minnesota  farmer home farm
Lutsen15 Nelson Phoebe wife FW30M      Minnesota 
Lutsen15 Nelson Harold J  son MW7S     Minnesota 
Lutsen15   Nelson Willard son MW5S     Wisconsin
Lutsen15 Nelson Dorthea  daughter FW10S     Minnesota 
Lutsen16 Carlson Victor head MW38M     Finland-SW 1905   farmer home farm
Lutsen16 Carlson Katarina  wife FW39M     Finland-SW 1907
Lutsen16 Carlson Arthur son MW11S      Minnesota
Lutsen16 Carlson Raymond son MW4S      Minnesota
Lutsen16 Carlson Signe  daughter  FW4S      Minnesota
Lutsen17 Strand  Inglebert head MW43M     Norway 1902 logger in the forest
Lutsen17 Strand  Sarah wife FW37M     Norway 1910
Lutsen18 Nelson August A head MW48M     Sweden 1888 farmer home farm
Lutsen18 Nelson Mathilda  wife FW53M     Sweden 1893
Lutsen18 Nelson Agnes daughter  FW15S      Minnesota
Lutsen19 Hagberg John head MW37S     Sweden 1910 labor working
Lutsen19 Hagberg Lovisa  mother FW68W     Sweden 1913
Lutsen20 Hagberg Carl head MF45M     Sweden 1903 farmer home farm
Lutsen20 Hagberg Judith wife FW37M     Sweden 1908
Lutsen20 Hagberg Carl Jr son MW9S     Minnesota
Lutsen21 Lundin   Oscar head MW56M     Finland-Fi  1900 farmer home farm
Lutsen21 Lundin   Clara wife FW36M     Finland-SW 1904
Lutsen21 Lundin   Runghild  daughter  FW11S      Minnesota
Lutsen21 Paulson Nels    boarder MW41S     Swedish 1909 Trapper woods
Lutsen22   Hanson Holst A head MW32M     Norway 1906 farmer home farm
Lutsen22 Hanson Unni  wife FW32M     Norway 1909
Lutsen22 Hanson Henny  daughter  FW5S     Minnesota
Lutsen23 Rise  Swold   head MW39M     Norway 1906 farmer home farm
Lutsen23 Rise  Hilma  wife FW38M      Norway 1912
Lutsen23 Rise  Sigurd  son  MW5S     Minnesota
Lutsen24 Walker George head MW54M      Minnesota farmer
Lutsen24 Walker Etta wife FW45M     Minnesota
Lutsen24 Walker Albert son  MW16S      Minnesota
Lutsen24 Walker Archie son  MW13S      Minnesota
Lutsen24 Walker Blanche  daughter  FW13S      Minnesota
Lutsen25   Hagberg  Oscar head MW36S     Sweden 1904 fisherman L Superior
Lutsen26 Wiskop  Francis  head MI66W     New York labor public road
Lutsen27 Laskey Frank? head MW44M     Ohio   steam-eng ice plant
Lutsen27 Laskey Mrytle wife FW42M      Michigan
Lutsen27 Laskey Frances D son  MW19S     Michigan farm labor working out
Lutsen27 Laskey Media daughter FW8S     Minnesota
Lutsen27 Laskey Mable  daughter FW6S     Minnesota
Lutsen27 Smith Roy ..son  MW24S     Michigan farm labor working out
Lutsen28 Nelson Charles AA head MW556M     Sweden 1881 merchant general
Lutsen28 Nelson Anna wife FW56M     Sweden 1875
Lutsen28 Nelson George U son  MW20S     Minnesota fisherman L Superior
Lutsen28 Nelson Oscar son  MW17S     Minnesota
Lutsen28  Nelson Gustaf  brother MW52S     Sweden 1888 Postmaster Lutsen
Lutsen28 Brunsell   John hired man MW58S     Sweden 1879 plasterer building
Lutsen28   Oji me ge shig    boarder MI68W     Minnesota trapper in the forest
Lutsen29  Thomas Thomas head MW63S     Wales 1860 teacher public school
Lutsen30 McCall David head MW35M     Ohio patrol man sup. nat. forest
Lutsen30 McCall Edith wife FW20M     Minnesota
Lutsen30  McCall Hamilton son  MW1S      Minnesota
Lutsen30 Oglesby Hamilton Boarder MW29S     Indiana  woodsman lumber barge
Lutsen31 Robb Fred head MW43S     Kansas labor pubic road
Lutsen31 Robb Anna mother FW78W     New York
Lutsen32 Mathisen Sverre   head MW28M     Norway 1910 sailor L Superior
Lutsen33 Wright Harry  head MW37M     Illinois Woodsman lumber barge
Lutsen33 Wright Mary wife FI27M     N. Dakota
Lutsen33 Wright Alice daughter FW4S      N. Dakota
Lutsen34 Begin Ed head MW54M     Minnesota storekeeper        general
Lutsen34 Begin Addie wife FW53M     Minnesota boarding house hotel
Lutsen34 Begin Rosa daughter FW12S     Minnesota
Lutsen35 Begin Ed Jr head MW33W     Minnesota Steam foreman railroad
Lutsen35 Begin Annette daughter FW9S     Minnesota
Lutsen35 Begin Lester U son  MW8S     Minnesota
Lutsen35 Begin Lawrence  son  MW2S     Minnesota
Lutsen35  Swanson Sara B cousin FW25W     Wisconsin housekeeper private
Lutsen35 Swanson Harriet  stepdau  FW9S      Wisconsin
Lutsen35 Swanson Harold stepson MW7S     Wisconsin
Lutsen36 Hanson Lewis head MW30S      Denmark 1912 trapper in the forest
Lutsen36 Hanson Harry brother MW28S     Denmark 1912 trapper in the forest

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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