1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman  on April 10, 2001

Township: Rosebush

Address    Last name    First name     Status  S/R Age M Country        Year immigrated    Occupation     Employed               
ROSE1 Dewar  John head  MW38M     Canada 1901 farmer general  
ROSE1    Dewar  Clara wife FW30M     Minnesota
ROSE1 Dewar  Donald A son  MW9S     Minnesota
ROSE2 Erickson John head  MW61M     Sweden 1882 farmer general
ROSE2 Erickson Hilma  wife FW51M     Sweden 1892
ROSE3 Allen Ole head  MW52M      Norway 1887 farmer general
ROSE3 Allen Anna wife FW42M     Sweden 1901
ROSE3 Allen Einar  son  MW15S     Minnesota
ROSE3 Allen Clarence J son  MW13S     Minnesota
ROSE3 Allen Judith daughter    FW11S      Minnesota
ROSE3 Allen Mable  daughter MW7S     Minnesota
ROSE3 Allen Olga  daughter FW7S     Minnesota
ROSE3 Allen Margaret daughter FW3S      Minnesota
ROSE4 Peterson  Dominic  head  MI62W      Minnesota
ROSE5 Moe Gilbert head  MW42M     Norway 1901  farmer general
ROSE5 Moe Bertha wife FW36M     Norway 1871
ROSE6 Backlund  Peter  head  MW53M     Sweden 1891 farm general
ROSE6 Backlund  Anna  wife FM50M     Sweden 1891
ROSE6 Backlund  Paul son  MW25S     Minnesota    labor lumber camp
ROSE6 Backlund  Axel  son  MW24S     Minnesota    farm labor home farm
ROSE6 Backlund  Walfred  son  MW21S      Minnesota    labor lumber camp
ROSE6 Backlund  Adolph son  MW18S     Minnesota    labor lumber camp
ROSE6 Backlund  Alma daughter FW15S      Minnesota   
ROSE6 Backlund  Amy daughter FW12S     Minnesota   
ROSE7  Sjoberg John head  MW62M     Sweden 1881 engineer Stationery steamer
ROSE7  Sjoberg Sophie wife FW60M     Sweden 1883
ROSE7   Sjoberg Sophie daughter FW25S     Minnesota    teacher public school
ROSE7 Sjoberg John Raym son  MW20S     Minnesota    teamster lumber camp
ROSE7 Johnson  Edwin Bro-in-law    MW55S     Sweden 1892
ROSE8 Johnson Carl O  head  MW42M      Sweden 1904 farmer general
ROSE8   Johnson Kerstin M wife FW44M     Sweden 1900
ROSE8 Johnson Bertha  daughter FW18S     Sweden 1905
ROSE8  Johnson Harry son  MW16S     Sweden 1905 labor lumber camp
ROSE8 Johnson Leonard son  MW11S     Minnesota   
ROSE9 Skoog  Victor head  MW27S     Sweden 1910 labor lumber camp
ROSE9 Skoog  Karin mother FW54W     Sweden 1914
ROSE9 Skoog  Margaret E sister  FW22S      Sweden 1914
ROSE9 Skoog  Bernard brother  MW17S     Sweden 1914 labor roadwork
ROSE9 Skoog  Otilia  sister  FW17S      Sweden 1914
ROSE9 Skoog  Anna sister  FW14S      Sweden 1914
ROSE10 Hultin Nels head  MW55S      Sweden 1903  labor lumber camp
ROSE11 Johnson  Axel  head  MW27S      Sweden  1910 labor  lumber camp
ROSE12 Anderson  Peter J  head  MW52S      Sweden  1888 labor lumber camp
ROSE13 Freeberg  Alfred  head  MW50M      Sweden  1892 labor  lumber camp
ROSE13 Freeberg  Marie wife  FW41M      Sweden  1911
ROSE13      Freeberg  Carl E son MW7S      Minnesota
ROSE13  Freeberg  Anna daughter  FW4S      Minnesota
ROSE13 Freeberg  Ellen  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
ROSE14 Dahlstrom  John W  head  MW69S     Sweden  1893  labor church
ROSE15 Young  Eric head  MW44S     Sweden  1902 labor
ROSE16 Maki  Albert head MW56S      Finland-F    labor  lumber camp
ROSE17 Collins Isable head FI50W     Minnesota
ROSE17 Drouillard  Charles son  MI33S      Minnesota labor roadwork
ROSE17 Drouillard  Tilda daughter    FI22S     Minnesota waitress restuarant
ROSE17 Drouillard  Francis son  MI20S      Minnesota
ROSE17 Drouillard  Rose daughter    FI16S     Minnesota
ROSE17 Drouillard  Frederick son  MI13S      Minnesota
ROSE17 Roash  William son  MI7S     Minnesota
ROSE18  Fillison  Antoine head MI70M      Minnesota
ROSE18 Fillison  Antoinette wife FI50M     Wisconsin
ROSE19 Frost  Katherine head FI55W     Minnesota
ROSE19 Frost  James gr-son   MI1S      Minnesota
ROSE20  Morton John head MI40M     Wisconsin
ROSE20 Morton Teresa  wife  FI47M      Minnesota
ROSE20    Morton Charles son  MI16S     Minnesota Navy United States
ROSE20 Morton Hana  daughter    FI12S     Minnesota
ROSE21 Drouillard  William  head  MI35M     Minnesota labor fish coopera
ROSE21 Drouillard  Margaret  wife   FI25M     Minnesota
ROSE21 Drouillard  Katherine  daughter FI7S      Minnesota
ROSE21 Drouillard  Helen  daughter FI5S      Minnesota
ROSE21 Drouillard  Edward son  MI3S      Minnesota
ROSE21 Drouillard  Carrie  daughter FI0S      Minnesota
ROSE22  McDonough Daniel head  MW58M     Wisconsin  labor lumber camp
ROSE22 McDonough Marie  wife   FI52M      Canadian  Chippewa
ROSE22 Wiskop  Filemina  Stepdau  FI21W      Minnesota
ROSE22 McDonough  Paul son  MI14S      Minnesota
ROSE22 Wiskop  Delia  Step-daugh FI1S      Minnesota
ROSE23    Morrison  James Sr  head  MI72M      Minnesota trapper furbearing
ROSE23 Morrison  Mary wife   FI63M      Canada Chippewa
ROSE23 Carribou  Joseph  Bro-in-law MI51W      Minnesota
ROSE23 Carribou  Anna niece  FI20S      Minnesota
ROSE23 Drouillard  Dora  gr-niece  FI0S      Minnesota
ROSE23     Morrison  Joseph  son  MI32M      Minnesota trapper furbearing
ROSE23 Morrison  Ella  dr-in-law  FI27M      Minnesota
ROSE23 Morrison  Josephine daughter FI22S     Minnesota
ROSE24 Thomas Joseph  head  MI41M      Canada  trapper
ROSE24 Thomas Julia wife   FI42M      Minnesota
ROSE25 LeSage  Angus  head  MI42W      Michigan  trapper
ROSE25 LeSage  Henry  son  MI17S      Minnesota
ROSE25 LeSage  Eva  daughter FI15S      Minnesota
ROSE25 LeSage  Sophie  daughter FI13S      Minnesota
ROSE25 LeSage  Celia  daughter FI10S      Minnesota
ROSE25 LeSage  Christine  daughter FI7S      Minnesota
ROSE25 LeSage  Lawrence  son  MI5S      Minnesota
ROSE25 Morrison  Julia  mo-in-law  FI85W     Minnesota
ROSE26      Wiskop  Alex   head  MI63M      Minnesota
ROSE26 Wiskop  Charlote  wife  FI55M     Minnesota
ROSE26 Wiskop  Charlote daughter FI23S     Minnesota
ROSE26 Wiskop  Marie daughter FI20S     Minnesota
ROSE26 Wiskop  Lucy daughter FI12S     Minnesota
ROSE26 Howenstine Ella gr-daughter FI2S      Minnesota
ROSE27 Morrison James Jr  head  MI29M      Minnesota trapper furbearing
ROSE27   Morrison Barbara wife  FI22M     Canada
ROSE27 Morrison Bernard  son MI3S     Minnesota
ROSE27 Morrison Mary daughter FI2S     Minnesota
ROSE27 Morrison John son MI8S     Minnesota
ROSE27 Messabe Mary mo-in-law  FI62W     Canada
ROSE28 Monker  Claus  head  MW53M      Norway 1889 fisherman L Superior
ROSE28 Monker Christine wife  FW60M      Sweden 1889
ROSE28  Monker Edith daughter FW29S     Minnesota teacher public school
ROSE28 Monker Velma daughter FW22S     Minnesota cashier steamship
ROSE29    Croft  Joseph head  MW43M     Minnesota fisherman L Superior
ROSE29 Croft  Jennie E  wife  FW43M      Norway  1903
ROSE29 Croft  Florence  daughter FW13S      Minnesota
ROSE29 Croft  Alice daughter FW11S      Minnesota
ROSE29 Croft  Joseph E  son MW9S      Minnesota
ROSE30   Croft  John head  MW38M     Minnesota fisherman L Superior
ROSE30 Croft  Jennie E  wife  FW26M      Wisconsin
ROSE30 Croft  John Roy son MW10S      Minnesota
ROSE30 Croft  Elmer son MW9S      Minnesota
ROSE30 Croft  Naomi  daughter FWmonS     Minnesota
ROSE31 Croft  Frederick  head  MW32M      Minnesota  fisherman            L Superior
ROSE31 Croft Sally wife  FW25M      Wisconsin
ROSE31 Croft John F son   MW10S      Minnesota
ROSE31 Croft Leonard son   MW8S      Minnesota
ROSE31 Croft Richard son   MW7S      Minnesota
ROSE31 Croft Annie daughter  FW6S      Minnesota
ROSE31      Croft Lawrence E  son   MW3S     Minnesota (note: Ellwood)
ROSE31 Croft Dora  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
ROSE32 Shepard  Joseph head  MW22M      Minnesota labor lumber camp
ROSE32 Shepard  Annie FW19M      Michigan
ROSE32 Johnson  Signie  sis-in-law  FW15S      Minnesota
ROSE33 Croft George R  head  MW47M      Minnesota Fisherman L Superior
ROSE33 Croft Ester J wife  FW34M      Minnesota
ROSE33 Croft Thomas R son   MW11S      Minnesota
ROSE33 Croft Clifford son   MW10S     Minnesota
ROSE34  Brisson  George head  MW36M     Minnesota truck driver school trans
ROSE34 Brisson  Mary wife  FW39M      Michigan
ROSE34 Brisson  Alfred son   MW10S      Minnesota
ROSE34 Brisson  Mary L  daughter  FW9S      Minnesota
ROSE34 Brisson  Oliver M son   MW8S      Minnesota
ROSE34 Brisson  Edward son   MW0S      Minnesota
ROSE35 Rasmusson  Matt head  MW41M      Denmark 1910 fisherman L Superior
ROSE35 Rasmusson  Marie wife  FW41M      Denmark 1910
ROSE35 Rasmusson  Carrie  daughter  FW8S      Minnesota
ROSE35 Rasmusson  Lester son   MW5S      Minnesota
ROSE35 Rasmusson  Esther  daughter  FW3S      Minnesota
ROSE35 Rasmusson  Clara  daughter  FW1S      Minnesota
ROSE36 Rasmusson  Peter head   MW43M      Denmark  1906 fisherman L Superior
ROSE36 Rasmusson  Bertha wife FW30M      Denmark  1895
ROSE36   Rasmusson  Charlote   daughter   FW10S     Minnesota
ROSE36 Rasmusson  William J son MW9S      Minnesota
ROSE36 Rasmusson  Margaret daughter   FW2S      Minnesota
ROSE37 Johnson  Edward  head   MW59M     Sweden  1894 fisherman L Superior
ROSE37 Johnson  Ingrid wife FW60M      Sweden  1905
ROSE37 Johnson  Ester  daughter   FW22S      Sweden  1905
ROSE38 Running John head   MW46M      Norway  1890
ROSE38 Running Stina   wife FW38M      Finland-SW 1899
ROSE38 Running John H  son MW17S      Minnesota
ROSE38 Running Mary  daughter   FW14S      Minnesota
ROSE38 Running Anna A daughter   FW11S      Minnesota
ROSE38 Running Carl L  son MW10S      Minnesota
ROSE38 Running Raymond  son MW8S     Minnesota
ROSE38 Running Edwin R son MW5S     Minnesota
ROSE38 Running Knute  son MW2S      Minnesota
ROSE39 Larson Olai  head   MW43M      Norway  1900  fisherman L Superior
ROSE39 Larson Asta  wife FW41M      Norway  1907
ROSE39 Larson Elsie M daughter   FW9S      Minnesota
ROSE39 Larson John H  son MW7S      Minnesota
ROSE39 Larson Lawrence  son MW5S      Minnesota
ROSE40 Boostrom  Charlie head   MW32M      Minnesota Proprietor Auto repair
ROSE40 Boostrom  Petra wife FW29M      So Dakota
ROSE40 Boostrom  Donald son MW6S     Minnesota
ROSE40 Boostrom  Clio son MW4S     Minnesota
ROSE40 Boostrom  Gladys  daughter   FW1S      Minnesota
ROSE40 Boostrom  Charlie son MW0S      Minnesota

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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