1920 Census for Cook County

Advisory: it is believed errors exist, some names were not recognizable and information were not recognizable.

Transcribed and submitted by Pat Zankman  on April 10, 2001

Township: Schroeder

Address    Last name    First name     Status  S/R Age M Country        Year immigrated    Occupation     Employed               
SCHR1           Gunderson  Fred  head  MW35M     Norway  1910 fisherman L Superior
SCHR1 Gunderson  Elen wife  FW25M      Wisconsin
SCHR1 Gunderson  Einer  son MW3S      Minnesota
SCHR1 Gunderson  Carolyn daughter    FW2S      Minnesota
SCHR1 Gunderson  Sylvia  daughter  FW0S      Minnesota
SCHR1         Olson   John   fa-in-law  MW70M     Sweden  1880 farmer own farm
SCHR1 Olson   Hannah  mo-in-law      FW70M      Sweden  1882
SCHR1 Johnson  Evelyn  adoped dau  FW11S      Minnesota
SCHR1         Prudhaman  Benjamin  boarder  MW62S      Canada   1877 trapper in the forest
SCHR2 Parent James head  MW25S      Canada   1913 farmer own farm
SCHR2 Parent Hattie mother FW66M     Canada   1912
SCHR2 Parent Jesse H brother  MW41D      Canada   1889 Farm working out
SCHR2 Johnson Emil  bro-in-law  MW46M     Canada   1882 teamster lumber camp
SCHR2 Johnson Edith P  sister  FW28M      Canada   1912
SCHR3 Smith Eli head  MW38S      Canada   1892 farmer own farm
SCHR4 Allard Peter head  MW37M     So. Dakota  farmer own farm
SCHR4 Allard Dora L  wife  FW37M      Canada   1912
SCHR4 Allard Thomas son MW6S      Wisconsin
SCHR4 Allard James D  son MW4S      Minnesota
SCHR4 Allard Mildred  daughter  FW4S      Minnesota
SCHR4 Brownell  Cecil A  stepson  MW12S      Canada   1912
SCHR4           Allard  Winifred   brother  MW35S     So Dakota  station labor? public road
SCHR4 Parent Ray head  MW31M      Canada   1906 station labor? public road
SCHR4   Parent Jeanne D wife  FW20M      France   1919
SCHR4 Parent Violet R  daughter  FWmonS      France   1919
SCHR5 Gashill  Issac  head  MW70W      Indiana    farmer own farm
SCHR6 Fradenberg  Arthur  head MW64M     New York farmer own farm
SCHR6 Fradenberg  Fanny wife FW59M     New York
SCHR6 Fradenberg  Nellie M daughter FW33S     New York teacher public school
SCHR7 Fridblom Carl O head MW67M     Sweden 1903 farmer own farm
SCHR7 Fridblom Ida wife FW57M      Sweden 1903
SCHR8 Cook  Philip H head MW59D      Canada 1866  stonemason building
SCHR9   Johnson  Alfred head MW50W     Sweden 1903 logging in the forest
SCHR9            Lee Carl  Partner  MW30S      Norway 1907 section railroad
SCHR9 Johnson  Frank Partner  MW32S      Sweden 1893 woodsman ?
SCHR10 Johnson  Frank head MW63S     Sweden 1880 labor public road
SCHR11          Westblade John head  MW41S      Minnesota    farmer home
SCHR12 Johnson Gilbert head  MW44S     Norway 1882  farmer home
SCHR12 Gunderson John  father MW74W      Norway 1882
SCHR13 Huseby  Christ head  MW59M     Norway 1900  farmer home
SCHR13 Huseby  Mary B  wife  FW47M     Norway 1900 
SCHR13 Huseby  Ole son MW17S      Minnesota    trapper in the woods
SCHR13 Huseby  Carl son MW14S     Minnesota   
SCHR13 Huseby  Bridget daughter FW11S      Minnesota   
SCHR13 Huseby  Sivert  brother  MW50S      Norway 1903 labor out d?
SCHR14   Mikelsen  Herman head  MW34M      Norway 1901  fisherman L Superior
SCHR14 Mikelsen  Carolina  wife  FW32M      Norway 1908
SCHR14 Mikelsen  Clarence son MW4S      Minnesota   
SCHR14 Mikelsen  William son MW3S      Minnesota   
SCHR14 Mikelsen  Mickal  brother  MW30S      Norway 1907  fisherman L Superior
SCHR15 Mastad  Mike head  MW34S     Norway 1908 fisherman L Superior
SCHR16 Knarvik  John  head MW36S     Norway 1907 labor ore dock
SCHR17 Sandvik  Hans   head MW63M     Norway 1907 fisherman L Superior
SCHR17  Sandvik  Andrea    wife FW50M      Norway 1907
SCHR18 Hanson  Hans M  head MW54S     Norway 1890 labor ore dock
SCHR19 Strom Halvor  head MW47S     Norway 1898  shoemaker own shop
SCHR19 Strom Christ  brother  MW59S      Norway 1909  labor ore dock
SCHR20 Johnson Tom head MW44M     Norway 1899 farmer home
SCHR20 Johnson Mary S  wife FW30M      Norway 1907
SCHR20 Johnson Dina  daughter    FW9?S      Minnesota
SCHR20 Johnson Margaret  daughter    FW5S      Minnesota
SCHR20 Johnson Elsie daughter    FW3S      Minnesota
SCHR20 Johnson Ruth daughter    FW1S      Minnesota
SCHR21   Alnes  John A head  MW34M      Norway no ans shingler buildings
SCHR21 Alnes  Florence wife  FW22M     Minnesota
SCHR21 Alnes  Margarite  daughter FW2S      Minnesota
SCHR22 Torgerson  Axel head  MW44W     Norway 1905 station labor rail road
SCHR22 Folson  August  hired hand MW32S      Sweden 1913  ? railroad
SCHR23 Vangsard  Peter  head  MW46M     Denmark  1875 farmer own farm
SCHR24 Johnson  Frank  head  MW52S     Sweden 1882 trapper in the forest
SCHR25 Bergerson  Charles  foreman MW68M     Canada 1869 foreman lumber camp
SCHR25 Vistela  Mike  boarder MW22S      Finland-Fi  1908 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR25 Gill Frank boarder MW42M     Finland-Fi  1899 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR25 Stone Albert  boarder MW32S     Finland-Fi  1909 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR25 Hill  John boarder MW28S      Finland-Fi  1912  pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR25 Mandyla John boarder MW34S      Finland-Fi  1906 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR26 Poster  Frank Foreman MW27S       Minnesota foreman lumber camp
SCHR26 Penyon  Joe  hired man MW23S     Slovania  1914 labor lumber camp
SCHR26 Freeman Charles  hired man MB57S     New York teamster lumber camp
SCHR26 Wright  John hired man MW57S     Canada 1881  teamster lumber camp
SCHR26 Smith  Edward  hired man MW23S     N. Dakota    cook lumber camp
SCHR26 Mallum  Christ  hired man MW62W       Norway  1884 labor lumber camp
SCHR26 Salem Ole boarder MW40S     Norway 1907 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR26 Anderson Andrew boarder MW65D     Sweden  1882 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR26 Namstad  BJ  boarder MW59W     Norway 1895  pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR26 Wick John  hired man MW45S      Norway 1907  labor lumber camp
SCHR26 Swanson Andrew  hired man MW60S     Sweden  1911 labor lumber camp
SCHR26   Hagdom  Bert hired man MW45S           Minnesota teamster lumber camp
SCHR26 Gandrum  Joe  hired man MW57S     Canada  1889 blacksmith lumber camp
SCHR26 Ramberg  Henry boarder MW38S     Minnesota pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR26 Neisins  Frank M hired man MW20S     Minnesota teamster lumber camp
SCHR26 Gruber  Louis  boarder MW33S     Germany  1909  pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR26 Beck David hired man MW66S      Pennsylvania labor lumber camp
SCHR26 Nelson  Aleck  boarder MW40S     Michigan  pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR26 Viari  Ed  hired man MW52S     Canada  1900 labor lumber camp
SCHR26 Gagner  Louis hired man MW39S          Canada  1908 labor lumber camp
SCHR26   Bicdys  David hired man MW37S     Germany  1904 cook lumber camp
SCHR26 Heigel  William hired man MW18S     Minnesota waiter lumber camp
SCHR27 Cramber?  Albert  head MW38M     Germany  1890 brakeman railroad
SCHR27 Cramber?  Pauline M wife FW22M     Mass.
SCHR27 Royer  Henry Chas Fa in law MW49M     Michigan woodsman lumber camp
SCHR27 Royer Emma mo-in-law FW46M     Mass
SCHR27   Littlefield  Charles bro in law MW18S     Mass laborer shipyard
SCHR27 Cramber? Emil  brother  MW49S      Germany  1887 woodsman lumber camp
SCHR28 Johnson Andrew head MW48M      Norway 1889 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR28 Blasberg  Ben  partner MW23S       Minnesota pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR28  LaClair  Phillip hired man MW62S      Canada  1874 cook lumber camp
SCHR29   Forsberg  William hired man MW34S     Sweden  1907 Bridge? Railroad 
SCHR28 Westin  Algot  boarder MW39S     Sweden  1906 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR28 Thompson Ole hired man MW46S      Norway labor lumber camp
SCHR28 Hubbard  Tim  boarder MW48S     Missouri   pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR28   Swanson Erick hired man MW27S      Sweden  1913 ? repairer railroad
SCHR28   Graham  John hired man MW53S      Norway 1884 teamster lumber camp
SCHR28 Lind Andrew hired man MW40S     Sweden  1906 labor lumber camp
SCHR28 Olson  Oscar hired man MW26S     Norway 1912 labor lumber camp
SCHR28   Kallis  Axel  boarder MW34S     Finland-Fi  1912 pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR28 Johnson David hired man MW25S      Wisconsin pulp cutter lumber camp
SCHR30 Hullard  Martin  head MW46S      Minnesota farmer own farm

*Finland-S: Finland, Swedish speaking
 Finland-F: Finland, Finnish speaking

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